I’ve been practicing sacred sexuality most of my adult life. Always comfortable with my body and showing it off, I love dancing. I started off professional dancing life as a strip tease cabaret artist in New Zealand. In Sydney my pseudonym was Crystal Fire, a teasing, tempting Strip and Blush performer and exotic dancer. I also enjoyed giving erotic performances for bucks parties in Queensland.

Where I StartedAlly Tantra Adelaide

My massage training started in a massage “parlour” in Auckland, New Zealand. Then I searched for answers to questions of life through many spiritual personal development courses, seminars, books and practices – Eschatology, Inner Peace Movement, Reiki, Buddhism, Avatar and NLP, which has taken me around the world as well as into the Universe.

My Training

I have participated and assisted on many Love Intimacy and Sexuality relationship courses with the Human Awareness Institute since 1996.

After extensive training with Christopher Howard and Universal Events Training in 2007 and 2008, I graduated as a Personal Results Coach and Trainer certified in Neurological Repatterning, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Trance. I now consider myself a Tour Guide for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

My training in Tantra has been extensive – books, workshops and practise. Mentors and teachers include Barbara Carrellas, Kerry and Diane Riley, Bhakti Shakti (Tantrananda), Margot Anand, James, Bud Barber and many others.

Recent training includes Kahuna massage in 2010, Urban Tantra Practitioner Training in 2011  and 2014 with Barbara Carrellas; Manifesting Intimacy and Abundance in Bali 2012 with Margot Anand and Skydancing Tantra; Bondassage and Elysium training in 2013. In 2015 I did Pulsing Mandala Workshop with Kerry and Diane Riley; Radical Intimacy Workshop with HAI and Durga Womens Workshop with Chameli of Awakening Women.

Author of “What Women Really Want”What Women Really Want by Ally Thomas

In 2015 I published my first ebook “What Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples” with Amazon. It is available as an ebook, and will be available in print in 2017. And also as an audio book later. More details HERE

My Purpose

Finding the answers within, inner peace, the calm clear space, perhaps enlightenment, and wisdom, I now inspire, train, coach and pleasure others to integrate mind body and spirit with her wisdom, presence and love. Passionate about Tantra, I also teach about tantra and sacred sexuality to men, women and couples in the form of group Playshops, group Tantra Pleasure parties, Women’s only Pamper Parties and Goddess Playshops. If you would like to become a Tantra Teacher or Practitioner, (for personal or professional use) I offer one-on-one Training in Australia and New Zealand.

Ally is redhead, medium build, sensual breasts and body, a loving heart, adventurous and playful. Loves giving pleasure and teaching Tantra for enhancing your pleasure.

Ally’s Services

I offer a range of premium Tantra sessions and packages for men, women and couples and based in Unley, Adelaide. (previously in Brisbane)Ally's magic tantric hands

“Love is the expression of the willingness to create space
in which something is allowed to change”
Harry Palmer

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