Bliss Balls – what are they?

Bliss Balls are furry, fluffy pleasuring mittens for more pleasure for your partner or your Self…
Run them over her body and she will shiver with delight, relaxing under the soft touch of sensual fur

One size fits all hands

Colours available by request – Royal Blue, Hot Pink*, Hot Purple, Soft Mauve*, Racy Red*, Orange, pure white*, pink bobbly*, Emerald green, Lime Green, Royal Red, Blue Bobbly , Purple Bobbly, zebra, blue with gold stars

Bliss Balls pink Bliss Balls blue Bliss Balls zebra

$15 each, 2 for $20

furry Bliss Ball for Tantra Massage for pleasuring women
*furry Bliss Ball for Tantra Massage for pleasuring women (and men)

**Brown Furry, Foxy Furry, Purple Furry, Black Furry and Black Furry are much thicker fur and $29 each or 2 for $50

Buy her one or 2 Bliss Balls for a unique pleasuring gift – for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Mothers Day, or just for no particular reason at all – just because you Love Her!

SPECIAL For Mothers Day MAY 2016 – powder pink 2 for $10 – only 6 available!

heart hands-6


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