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Here are my FAQ – questions and answers that I am often asked (only if you haven’t read this page!)

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1. What is Tantra?Tantra is the most effective way to unify body mind spirit with My Tantra Massage

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit verbal root tan, meaning “to weave,” tra comes from a Sanskrit word trayate that means “to liberate.” So Tantra can be about liberation, freedom; however it is much more:

“Priestesses of ancient times used water and massage in rituals to cleanse and purify the men. Warriors went to visit the Goddesses in the Sacred Temple after battles and wars before returning to be nurtured and to receive tender loving touch and healing.”

Tantra is not a religion, it is a way of life. An ancient spiritual practise, called Tantra in ancient India and Tao from ancient China. Through tantric breathing and other sacred practices, Sacred Energy Exchange can bring enlightenment and ecstasy expansion into a place/space beyond words. Tantra is Sacred Sexual Healing.

2. What is Tantra Massage?

Tantric Massage is a light, sensual metaphysically based energy massage…..

It is really hard to describe how you will feel in words. Tantric massage can make you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.

Your abdomen, thighs, legs, chest, nipples, arms and fingers are gently and sensually massaged and pleasured with aromatic oil.

Nothing will escape attention.tantra FAQ with Ally at My Tantra Massage

Your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body’s sensitivity increases.

According to Tantric ideals, your entire body will be massaged, including those particularly sensitive areas.

Perceptions of sensuality and lust are located here, but these “intimate” areas are an important source of joy in life. You will feel relaxed, yet wide awake.

You will be coached to breathe properly, as you sink into yet deeper level of relaxation. In this very loving ceremony you will be completely nurtured and pampered in the arms of your goddess, giving you a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being.

All you have to do is surrender to the pleasure!!

3. What is Tantra Pleasure Experience?

A unique ecstatic energy expansion experience using tantric and erotic techniques I would like to pleasure you in a respectful safe space.

My Tantra touch is very sexual and sensual, although it is not sex.

I will guide and maintain the focus on ‘your’ individual pleasure. You only need to surrender to receive and enjoy the euphoric sensations that you will experience from your full body pleasuring. It can be very healing. Not many people have words to describe the feeling afterwards… which can last several days…

Tantra Pleasure Experience gives a healing, yet heightening intense experience, connecting you to Source… Euphoric… Blissful…

Sensual Tantra Massage is:

  • not a solicitation, but a shared gift and experience….
  • not sexual intercourse…

Payment is in exchange a for a Sensual Massage Session and Tantric education….

Tantra Pleasure Experience is a gift of enlightenment that I would love to share with you…

4. What is Sensual Massage?

A sensual full body massage can offer a release from physical pains, like aching muscles… It can also bring release from emotional troubles.

Sensual massage is the perfect mood-setter for romantic adventures.

Sensual massage is a reassuring sign that will never fail to give comfort to your partner. If allowed to blossom into an act of passion, a sensual full body massage can ensure a more blissful orgasm, resulting from the unity of your partner’s mind and body, and the unity of two bodies engaged in such an intimate act.

5. How do I prepare for my first time Tantra Pleasure Session?

Please shower before arrival. If that is not possible, I do have showering facilities.

Also for your own comfort, it is important to go to the toilet before massage. The best results occur with Massage when the bowel and bladder are empty.

6. Am I naked? Nude?

In my Tantra Pleasure Experience I want to pleasure your whole body, so it is best that You are naked. However, it is entirely up to you and your level of comfort. I am very comfortable with your nudity. Ally will be in lingerie or topless…

7. Where will my Session take place?

Your massage session will take place in a safe, quiet, comfortable room. Soft relaxing music will help you relax and I burn incense and candles for ambient atmosphere. Depending on your session, you will be pleasured on a massage table or futon.

8. What Parts of My Body Will Be Massaged?

Usually your full body session will include pleasuring your whole body: back, bottom, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, tummy, chest and shoulders. I also stroke and massage your inner thighs and perineum. I will stimulate the erogenous areas of your body as well.

Erogenous charging is a part of my Sensual and Tantric Pleasure Experience. If you feel uncomfortable with being touched in certain areas or you have boundaries, please let me know.

9. What do I do during my Session?

Relax, breathe, surrender, breathe, no thinking, concentrate on your breathing. a little talking is OK. Just relax and breathe…

10. What will the Tantra Pleasure Experience feel like?

It is beyond words. You will know what I mean when you have experienced it!

11. How long will my Session last?

It is up to you – 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hour sessions are available. It just depends how much pleasuring you want and how much you can take!

12. What other products do you offer?

Other Products that I provide to my clients include:

  • my ebook – “What Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples” available from Amazon HERE
  • furry pleasure enhancing mittens – Bliss Balls
  • Sacred Grove massage oil
  • my book “what Men and Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Sex Secrets” will be available from February 2017. Pre-sales available HERE

13. What other services do you provide?

Other Services that I provide to my clients include:

  • Striptease – included with any session by prior arrangement
  • 6 pack Tantra Massage Program for Men only
  • Sacred Lingam and Yoni Massage
  • Womens Essence pampering Tantra massage Programs
  • Couples Tantra Program for Tantric Sexual Energy Connection
  • Bondassage to explore your dark side
  • Erotic Ka Huna Massage for Men
  • Sensual Ka Huna Massage for Women
  • Couples and Group Playshops and Introduction to Tantra
  • Weekend Retreats for Couples
  • Tantra Training for Women (and Men)
  • SCENAR treatment (in conjunction with any one hour massage)

14. What is your definition of GFE (Girl Friend Experience)?

There are many varied definitions of GFE:

  • GFE means different things to different people, one person classifies a GFE based on your chemistry together. The chemistry is a combination of attitude, service, performance and location. Someone who allows kissing and does not have many, if any, ‘rules’ to follow; also when the woman seems to be enjoying herself instead of just going through the motions. Last, but not least, it should not be a ‘rushed’ session with multiple orgasms allowed and he gets the ‘full hour’ even if the last part of it is just talking.
  • A great GFE experience is when it doesn’t feel forced or when it doesn’t feel like a session at all, but rather a pleasant sexual experience.
  • Another definition of GFE is when the girl behaves like a “real” girlfriend or like the girlfriend you would dream of having. There is some physical contact, some kissing, and there is “real” or the appearance of “real” closeness, love and affection. There is, however brief, some emotional intimacy. This obviously dictates that she is not a clock watcher, a robot or a PSE (porn star experience).

Ally’s expression of Girlfriend Experience is her being in the present moment with you, exploring, she is the Giver and you are the Receiver… (You give so much to others, this is your time to surrender to the pleasure!) Being tender and loving like you are when you first get together, without judgment, without commitment, exploring together… Yes it is OK for touching, kissing, cuddling at appropriate times. My Tantra Pleasure Experience is about one giving and one receiving – me giving you pleasure and teaching you in your first session, you surrendering to my pleasuring…

15. How far does your service go?

Any session with Ally, whether Tantra Massage, GFE or any other session does NOT ever involve oral, BJ, intercourse or ‘Full Service’.

16. How will I feel after my Tantra Pleasure Session?

Most people feel very relaxed, floating and expanded. You can also experience increased energy, heightened awareness. See Testimonials page for some people’s attempts at describing their feelings.

Some people have experience pleasure “flashbacks” for 1-2 days after their session.

I recommend you drink plenty of water to ground you.

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