Tantra Pleasure Experience for Men by Ally

My Tantra massage for men is a full body pleasuring (similar to a massage). I can teach you how to control your orgasm and ejaculation (2 different things). It is very relaxing, and energising, and gives you the Experience of Tantra.  Helps with PE and ED.
The Experience of Tantra is not easy to describe in words, however people have described it as “a Whole Body Experience that keeps on keeping on…” and “It was the most sensual and erotic experience I have ever had!” and ” I usually come in 2 minutes, and today I controlled it for nearly an hour!” and often “I don’t want this to end!”

I am based in Adelaide and take appointments for Tantra massage there. Phone 0419 038 310 to book now. I travel regularly to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane*, Darwin, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle* and Hobart. Dates are on my Schedule page.

Testimonials below

NEW – Sacred Lingam Tantra Massage for Men New

Enjoy the pleasure of a Sacred Lingam massage to activate your sacred masculine energy – full body sensual and erotic massage. The Sacred Grove Oil feels sublime on your body, it fortifies body and soul with liquid armour, and the infusion incorporates the Sacred Healing energies, combined with gentle relaxing and energising strokes can be extraordinary experience. Due to the application of Scented Emu Oil, which dilutes blood vessels, this will help erectile dysfunction and can help create stronger erections.
includes a bottle of Sacred Grove Oil from the Scented  Emu Bush to take home and use for yourself or your lover. More info HERE

1 hour Sacred Lingam* Tantra Massage for men $220

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1. Joy and Bliss Tantra Pleasure Experience for Men – 1 hour $200 (Brisbane and Newcastle $180/hour)Ally tantra for men in Adelaide

Experience sexual and erotic full body pleasuring with introductory Tantric breathing and exercises. Learning Tantric exercises can help you control your erection, your orgasms (so you can have many), your ejaculation (which is different from orgasm – when you learn how to control it).

It’s easy to learn, and in my first (of 3) sessions you can learn how to do it and practise so that you get the experience of how it works. Then its up to you to practise more! Learn how to last longer, elevate your sexual bliss and control your ejaculation naturally with Tantra.


0419 038 310 or email Ally

  • Want more Pleasure? 1.5 hours $300

    Can you take this much pleasuring? 90 minutes of Joy and Bliss Tantra Pleasure Experience with Ally

  •  Extended Tantric Pleasure Experience – 2 hours $400

Includes full body Tantric Massage and pleasuring – you learn, practise or expand your tantric breathing Technique, enjoy Tantric euphoria, riding the waves of bliss and ecstasy.

This session focuses on mastering and learning to control your release, while still experiencing euphoria and maintaining full awareness.

2. Rainbow Chakra Massage – 1 hour $200rainbow chakra massage for men with Ally

To connect to another space, another place where there is no time, beyond sex. This session focuses on moving energy through the chakra energy centres of the body, from the base, through the heart and out the top of the head. You need to have experienced 1st session to learn basic tantra breathing, as sounds are very important in this session. Sounds can free emotional energy and are necessary to open higher chakra energy centres.

Completion of session 1 is a requirement for this session.

3. Honouring the Goddess  – 1.5 hour $300

* for Men only (available after completing sessions 1 and 2)

Learn how to pleasure a woman in different ways. Learn how to find woman’s G spot massage and other ways to pleasure your partner. of course you get pleasured too!

4. Aligning the Chakras  (after completing sessions 1,2 and 3) – 1 hour $200

Experience aligning your mind, body and energy through the chakras. Completion of sessions 1, 2 and 3 is a requirement for this session.

5. The Garden of Sensual Delights – Advanced (after completing sessions 1,2,3, and 4) – 1.5 hours $300

This is a 90 minute session and there is a bit of preparation: You will need to bring 4 items to stimulate each sense: Taste, smell, sound, touch. Completion of  sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a requirement for this session.

6. Six Pack – 6 hours of Tantra Sessions – $980

An experiential instructional Tantra course which includes all 5 sessions above, paid in advance, and booked fortnightly or monthly, especially for the man who wants to learn all the secrets of Tantra and What women Really Want. Now includes a copy of my ebook “What Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples”.

7. Peak Tantra Experience – 1 hour $3904 hands Erotic Tantra Double Goddess Massage for Men

One hand can tease you, 2 hands can please you, what can 4 hands do?
Be Teased and Tantalised by two tantric women – a sensual seductive massage …

From the moment we begin to undress you
To the times we take you to the limits of Tantric touch and pleasure
Again and again…
You surrender to 2 sensual women dedicated to your enjoyment
Till you lay in panting pleasure of the ultimate…. orgasmic… euphoric…

Ally Tantra Massage for Men
Ally in Bali

Testimonials from previous pleasured participants:

I’d  never had a tantric massage before and was anxious about it. You were very calming and understanding and made the experience very sensual and relaxing. I was amazed at how long I was able to control my ejaculation using the tantra techniques. You clearly are a very sensual, caring and giving woman and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I was less anxious and able to thank you more at the end of our time together. Thank you once again.
B Melbourne

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I love travelling to other places in Australia, New Zealand, planet Earth. See my Travel page for more details.

Other Services that I provide to my clients include:

  • Striptease
  • Massage
  • PE healing
  • GFE (Girl Friend Experience) Girlfriend Experience is being in the present moment, exploring, me giving and you receiving… Being tender and loving like you are when you first get together, without judgment, without commitment, exploring together… for more information, see FAQ page.

Men learn control for PE ED with Ally's Tantra massage

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