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Ally Tantra Adelaide from My Tantra Massage
Ally is a sexy redhead, average build, sensual breasts and body, a loving heart, adventurous and playful. She loves giving pleasure and teaching tantra for enhancing your pleasure.

Ally has also done many personal development and spiritual seminars and courses, including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Avatar
  • Inner Peace Movement
  • Love Intimacy Sexuality Workshops with Human Awareness Institute
  • Reiki with Alma Devi

Her Tantric experience and inspiration is drawn over 10 years experience from many teachers, workshops and books, including Barbara Carellas, Diane & Kerry Riley, Ron, Bud, David, Bhakti, James, Stan Dale, to mention a few…

She will teach you some basic tantra, pleasure you all over and take you beyond words.

All you have to do is surrender to the pleasure!

¨The sessions are very sensual and quite sexual, however intercourse is not involved. One hour of pleasure and sensual erotic massage with Ally … you have to experience it to know what its like. Beyond words…

Here are some photos of Ally for your pleasure

Ally Kazam photos

Bondassage is little bit kinky and a bit erotic and some sensual massage combined. If you want a softer introduction to the B&D side of BDSM, see Ally’s page about Bondassage

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