Tantra practice playshop

Come along to learn about and practice your Tantra at a Group Playshop

in Adelaide : Saturday 13 May, 24 June, 22 July, 12 August, 23 September, 20 October 2017

in Brisbane – Special Inaugural Sat 16 September – more details HERE


$70 for couple, $50 for men, $30 for women* (includes Supper) 

  • FAQs – see below
  • Testimonials for TPP – below


  1. Connect, learn and practise tantric techniques and exercises in safe space
  2. Give and receive touch safely – without agenda, with boundaries
  3. Have fun, make connections with like minded people
  4. For singles, friends and couples

As each Tantra Practice Playshop (similar to Tantra Pleasure Party) is gender balanced, if you bring a friend of the opposite sex, you are more likely to be accepted, as sometimes there is a Waiting List. Couples can be friends to maintain the gender balance.

Playshops are held monthly on Friday or Saturday in Adelaide. Other cities by request.

Preferably you need to have experienced a tantra massage or Tantra Pleasure Experience with Ally to attend. Or a brief phone conversation to get to know you.

  • Expand your tantric knowledge and Tantra practice
  • Have fun doing Tantra exercises with different people
  • Practise how to move your sexual energy through your body
  • Learn how to connect with your self (spiritual), your body, and others
  • How to create and improve intimacy
  • Easily learn about how to set boundaries
  • Enjoy safe loving consensual touch
  • Expand your spiritual energy with sensual awareness

For open-minded men women and couples to learn and practise tantra and other sacred sexuality practices and have fun in a safe sacred space that’s playful gentle healing and respectful.
You will be guided through tantric exercises, meditation, body work, touch, energy movement, breath, dancing, massage

There is no alcohol; no drugs and no sex intercourse involved.

** Delicious healthy Supper, juices and soft drinks provided (let me know if you have any dietary needs).

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL, preferably by email, as numbers are limited.

Your booking will be confirmed, especially if you are coming by yourself so gender balance can be maintained.

BOOK HERE with your contact details – email with Tantra Practice Playshop in Subject Line


Last night was just perfect. Thank you Ally (2017)

We enjoyed last night very much. (2017)

Hi Ally,
I just wanted to thank you for inviting me you your recent tantra night (2014). What an amazing evening!
Being a first timer, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, however, the positive energy and inner happiness I felt from doing the various exercises and sharing each moment was unbelievable.
Such a lovely group of people to spend an evening with and a great supper too!!!
Thanks ally, see you soon,
Namaste, K

Blessings Ally.
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful space which was created last night (March 2013) and the safety and energy in which it was provided and given to us as a group. I was deeply enriched by the experience and when I sent forth the energy, sent it home in the direction of my husband. When I returned late in the evening, He desired me so fully that the love making which followed was energetic and encapsulating. It coursed through us like a river of magic through our spiritual beings. Heaven found herself in our arms and we were blessed with her presence.
Thank you for taking a chance with having me along (when you knew little of me) and I look forward to spending more evenings with yourself and others, in the sacred provision of life shared, explored and discovered.
Namaste. D

“Hi Ally. I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity and lovely night (March 2013), it was incredible. You and Peter created a warm, safe and loving space where I actually felt more free, cared for and able to express myself in ways that would generally make me feel quite anxious. The other guests were all beautiful people and added to this environment, making it a wonderful night. I’ve never felt so connected to another individual in such a short space of time, it was a very positive and uplifting experience. During the night I felt my confidence increase, which has continued, and I feel things can only improve over time. I certainly learnt a lot, not just about tantra, a little overwhelming to be honest.
Again thank you, you’ve been an excellent guide. Looking forward to the next one. J”

“I’d like to say thank you for being a wonderful facilitator/group leader Ally – you’re a highly skilled, professional Tantra Woman & you held the group beautifully. You created a safe space for people to relax into the practices. Gold Star to Ally!
The whole experience was so uplifting, lately I have been stressed out! 
I thought all the people there were exceptional – beautiful with positive energies! Yeah it was a great night and one to remember !
When’s the next one ?”


Are the men clean, honest, quality, respectful, safe, friendly and normal?

Yes. I have personally checked every ‘single man’ who attends the Tantra Playshops. The pre-requisite is for men to have had at least one Tantra Pleasure Experience or Tantra session with me. They may be a bit shy, under confident or over confident though…

Will the women be positive, pleasant, open and friendly?

Yes they are personally vetted by me and open minded and friendly. However they may be a bit worried about feeling safe, and that their boundaries are respected.

The Couples who attend – are they safe, sharing, open and friendly?

Couples are required to complete a Questionnaire and some have had sessions with me.

Do you have to join in with everything?

You can choose whether you do an exercise or not. You can set boundaries so that you are safe

What limits or boundaries are available?

You set your own boundaries and limits.
eg touching only on exposed skin. Touching arms face head is OK etc.  Touch must be light and gentle. Please massage my shoulders firmly. Please don’t touch my head/hair! Please don’t touch my breasts. You can touch and stroke my lower arms and hands.

Is everyone married or in a relationship or single and available?

Some people have partners, and are here with them, some are not. Agreements are made between partners about limits and boundaries for each other.
Singles aren’t necessarily looking for a relationship. The Tantra Playshops are not about pairing people up, it’s about practicing Tantra with a partner, which may or may not be yours.
At the beginning of the party everyone tells the whole group their status, boundaries and agreements.

Will there be more men than women at the Tantra Practice Playshop?

No. Every party is gender balanced with equal numbers of men and women. You can choose to be with a woman or man in some of the exercises.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Some people may take some of their clothes off because they get hot, however full nudity is not involved. You choose your level of comfort and clothing. You need to be OK with others partial nakedness, however no more than you see on any beach in summer!

What are the ages of people attend Tantra Practice Playshops?

All age groups are welcome, and each Playshop has different attendees, however most people are between 30 and 50.

email Ally to book or to go on mailing list for these Playshops and other Events.

tantra practice playshops