WOMENS TANTRA PROGRAM – SACRED SENSUAL HEALING SESSIONStantra massage for women to tune into your feminine energy

Woman’s tantric re-connection Program

During the Womens Tantra Program you can heal your shame, guilt and fear with unconditional love and your own feminine energy. It’s a sacred sexuality empowerment for women. Enjoy relaxing, pampering sensual Tantra Massage session to help heal many issues:

Do you lack interest in having sex or making love?
Have you been unable to have an orgasm? with yourself? with a man? Clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, energy orgasm.
Have you experienced physical pain during intercourse?
Do you find sex unpleasurable even if intercourse was not painful?
Do you feel anxious before having sex?
Have you had trouble lubricating or becoming aroused?
Do you want to learn more about sex and how to enjoy it more?
Do you want to get your sex drive back?
Have you lost your libido during Menopause? after hysterectomy? after childbirth?
Do you think your vagina is unusual, different or not normal? Do you think it is too big, too small?
Do you produce fluid when you orgasm?
Are you nervous about making love and having sex – scared, find it hard to relax with a man, scared of physical intimacy?

Womens Tantra Program and tantra massage for passion

Essence of Woman = Empowering Sacred Spiritual Energy aNd Creating Essence 

• Do you want to rediscover your feminine essence?
• Have you lost touch with your sensuality and sexuality?
• Want to feel safe to be vulnerable and open your heart
• Yearn to open to love and radiance?
• Discover how to connect with powerful Goddess energy
• Have an Erotic Awakening or reawakening
• Retune your self and your Femininity
• Create intimacy, heart connection and unconditional love
• Reconnect magic, passion, feel deep love and your powerful female energy
• create a Sacred Energy Orgasm?

sacred energy orgasm for Womens Tantra Program


Ally has shared extraordinary skill, sensitivity and generosity in coaching me to unlock my sensuous nature. Through trusting Ally I became open to experiencing and trusting my body in a ways that I have never had before or dreamed of ever experiencing. Thank you Ally I feel more confident that love making with my partner will be more pleasurable and fulfilling given the experiences you guided me through. L

Dear Ally, I would like to thank you for the gentleness and understanding you have demonstrated when I came to see you the other day. You made me feel safe and i know full well that this cannot have been easy. And you have shown me that I can open up again and be receptive. For this, I will always be grateful to you. P

thanx Ally for today really enjoyed myself i will book again next time you are in Brisbane. A

ESSENCE Program is 3 or 4 x 90 minute sessions (one-to-one) over 3-4 weeks with Ally:

* to release past hurts, fears, and limitations;
* to re-energise, reconnect and empower your femininity and sexual energy
and turn on the switch again
on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual;
* to get in touch with that sensuality of being a woman;
* safely explore your feminine erotic Goddess energy and love yourself and your body with more positive feelings and pleasure.

I offer two multi- session programs for women which is one-to-one, a combination of personal coaching, tantra massage, tantra breathing, Reiki healing and exercises which can help you.

You can choose from the following 90 minute sessions for your Womens Tantra Program:
3 sessions for $500 
or 4 sessions for $600.


I am available by appointment, in Adelaide (sometimes evenings and weekends by special arrangement) – phone 0419 038 310 to arrange your pampering massage. More details HERE
I also travel to other cities in Australia – see my Schedule page for dates or contact me if you would like to see me sooner than scheduled)


sensual womens tantra program to tune in to your feminine power