Tantra For Men

Tantra Pleasure Experience for Men by Ally

My Tantra massage for men is a full body pleasuring (similar to a massage). I can teach you how to control your orgasm and ejaculation (2 different things). It is very relaxing, and energising, and gives you the Experience of Tantra.  Helps with PE and ED.
The Experience of Tantra is not easy to describe in words, however people have described it as “a Whole Body Experience that keeps on keeping on…” and “It was the most sensual and erotic experience I have ever had!” and ” I usually come in 2 minutes, and today I controlled it for nearly an hour!” and often “I don’t want this to end!”

I am based in Adelaide and take appointments for Tantra massage there. Phone 0419 038 310 to book now. I also travel regularly to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane*, Darwin, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle* and Hobart. Dates are on my Schedule page.

For TESTIMONIALS see below

NEW – Sacred Lingam Tantra Massage for Men New

Enjoy the pleasure of a Sacred Lingam massage to activate your sacred masculine energy – full body sensual and erotic massage. The Sacred Grove Oil feels sublime on your body, it fortifies body and soul with liquid armour, and the infusion incorporates the Sacred Healing energies, combined with gentle relaxing and energising strokes can be extraordinary experience. Due to the application of Scented Emu Oil, which dilutes blood vessels, this will help erectile dysfunction and can help create stronger erections.
includes a bottle of Sacred Grove Oil from the Scented  Emu Bush to take home and use for yourself or your lover. More info HERE

1 hour Sacred Lingam* Tantra Massage for men $220

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1. Joy and Bliss Tantra Pleasure Experience for Men – 1 hour $200 (Brisbane & Newcastle $180/hour)Ally tantra hands

Experience sexual and erotic full body pleasuring with introductory Tantric breathing and exercises. Learning Tantric exercises can help you control your erection, your orgasms (so you can have many), your ejaculation (which is different from orgasm – when you learn how to control it).

It’s easy to learn, and in my first (of 3) sessions you can learn how to do it and practise so that you get the experience of how it works. Then its up to you to practise more! Learn how to last longer, elevate your sexual bliss and control your ejaculation naturally with Tantra.


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  • Want more Pleasure? 1.5 hours $300

    Can you take this much pleasuring? 90 minutes of Joy and Bliss Tantra Pleasure Experience with Ally

  •  Extended Tantric Pleasure Experience – 2 hours $400

Includes full body Tantric Massage and pleasuring – you learn, practise or expand your tantric breathing Technique, enjoy Tantric euphoria, riding the waves of bliss and ecstasy.

This session focuses on mastering and learning to control your release, while still experiencing euphoria and maintaining full awareness.

2. Rainbow Chakra Massage – 1 hour $200rainbow chakras

To connect to another space, another place where there is no time, beyond sex. This session focuses on moving energy through the chakra energy centres of the body, from the base, through the heart and out the top of the head. You need to have experienced 1st session to learn basic tantra breathing, as sounds are very important in this session. Sounds can free emotional energy and are necessary to open higher chakra energy centres.

Completion of session 1 is a requirement for this session.

3. Honouring the Goddess  – 1.5 hour $300

* for Men only (available after completing sessions 1 and 2)

Learn how to pleasure a woman in different ways. Learn how to find woman’s G spot massage and other ways to pleasure your partner. of course you get pleasured too!

4. Aligning the Chakras  (after completing sessions 1,2 and 3) – 1 hour $200

Experience aligning your mind, body and energy through the chakras. Completion of sessions 1, 2 and 3 is a requirement for this session.

5. The Garden of Sensual Delights – Advanced (after completing sessions 1,2,3, and 4) – 1.5 hours $300

This is a 90 minute session and there is a bit of preparation: You will need to bring 4 items to stimulate each sense: Taste, smell, sound, touch. Completion of  sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a requirement for this session.

6. Six Pack – 6 hours of Tantra Sessions – $980

An experiential instructional Tantra course which includes all 5 sessions above, paid in advance, and booked fortnightly or monthly, especially for the man who wants to learn all the secrets of Tantra and What women Really Want. Now includes a copy of my ebook “What Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Sex Techniques for Men and Couples”.

7. Peak Tantra Experience – 1 hour $3904 hands Erotic Tantra Massage with My Tantra Massage - earth fire air water

One hand can tease you, 2 hands can please you, what can 4 hands do?
Be Teased and Tantalised by two tantric women – a sensual seductive massage … (also known as Double Goddess session). Unique session. Only available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney)

From the moment we begin to undress you
To the times we take you to the limits of Tantric touch and pleasure
Again and again…
You surrender to 2 sensual women dedicated to your enjoyment
Till you lay in panting pleasure of the ultimate…. orgasmic… euphoric…
Testimonial – that Double Goddess was the BEST experience I have EVER had!!

Ally in Bali

Read Testimonials from previous pleasured participants below

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I love travelling to other places in Australia, New Zealand, planet Earth. See my Travel page for more details.

Other Services that I provide to my clients include:

  • Striptease
  • Massage
  • PE healing
  • GFE (Girl Friend Experience) Girlfriend Experience is being in the present moment, exploring, me giving and you receiving… Being tender and loving like you are when you first get together, without judgment, without commitment, exploring together… for more information, see FAQ page.

learn control with Ally's Tantra techniques

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Testimonials from Tantra Pleasure Experiences and tantra massages given by Ally

Read comments from happy clients in 2016 . .

Just wanted to say thanks again for an eye opening session yesterday. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Appreciate your time and instruction. Thank You. M Adelaide

Hi Ally. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for our session together a few weeks ago here in Perth. It was amazing and I can’t wait till you cum back and I can learn more with you. You have opened my mind body and soul to so much and I’m still floating on air. You are amazing teacher and a beautiful person. Thank you again and  please let me know the next time you are in Perth I would definitely book another session A

I’d  never had a tantric massage before and was anxious about it. You were very calming and understanding and made the experience very sensual and relaxing. I was amazed at how long I was able to control my ejaculation using the tantra techniques. You clearly are a very sensual, caring and giving woman and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I was less anxious and able to thank you more at the end of our time together. Thank you once again.
B Melbourne

“Thanks again for {my yoni massage} last night, i really appreciated your time. Feeling much more centered today, lots of swirling purple and yellow in my dreams” E Adelaide

Thank you. You are an exceptional person. (j, Melbourne)

Compliments received in 2015

I think I’m in heaven!! (from several clients)

Incredible! K

Thank you for a fantastic experience… M

I miss your techniques, closeness and creative expression, to explore and heal my whole body and mind that brings the additional benefit of pleasure.
I can only encourage your pursuit of learning and self-discovery and practice of one of the most important and practical ways to reduce “tension”. DR Adelaide

Floating – feeling enlightened – great Teacher. Many thanks. M

Hello Ms Ally. You pleasured me yesterday. I’m still on cloud 9. What a wonderful loving, giving person you are!! I’d just like to thank you for the stunning experience I enjoyed with you. WOW!! I will definitely locate you again via your website. Can’t wait to catch up next time. Thanks again. DS xx

2014 feedback and testimonials from satisfied clients

First arrived with trepidation
Since then oh so wonderful sensual exploration
Seeing her lovely trembling breasts
I bask in every sweet caress
Her kisses have me floating on a cloud
I just want to cry out loud
Ally our sessions are so erotic and tingling
For days the feelings keep on lingering….       C Brisbane

Hi Ally my friend. thank you for being understanding. like i said when you are on the outside the Alfa male with a gentle side you never put yourself in the vulnerable place of being rejected that is why i never ask (permission). you have taught me more than just about sex love or emotion. Anyway Ally thanks buddy.      T Adelaide

Thank you for removing my block for my sexuality. i feel the power of my masculinity without the bravado! J 

Thanks for a lovely loving joyous visit today.  Thanks for listening. i am feeling more positive again (or maybe it was that magic blue stuff you gave me!) Hugs P

Hi there Ally. Thank you for this morning. i have often wondered what people with smiles at traffic lights are up to. now i know! i hope your day was as fruitful as mine. Cheers T Adelaide

I wish school learning was more like that! Thanks again K

Thank you for our last session together. It was an experience I enjoyed and had not felt before. I am sure I could have let out some more negative energy and emotions.
I would like to continue with some more sessions if you are happy to do so that include massage, breathing, holding orgasm and taking my mind to a free space. I enjoy the tantra experience and want to do more with it in my life. You definitely opened up a new chapter for me to explore. K Adelaide

2013 testimonials

Just a short note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed yesterday’s treat – and it was a treat – nothing less than that!
I found you to be not only a very nice person, a skilled Tantrika – but also possessing one of the most important attributes one should have – a good sense of humour – I think that I told you that yesterday…
I’d love to see you again next time to fly to the 4 season a day city so you could put me on the edge again…
Enjoy life and make others enjoy it too, as you so well do… B, Melbourne

I would sincerely like to thank you for the ultimate feeling I experienced yesterday! You were and are awesome.  Thanks till next time. K

Hi Ally. After last weeks visit i would like to say how i am blown away by your patience understanding and openness in you Tantra presentation. You are such a professional, nothing is beyond you. I truly understand your theory, some things you can’t teach with words you have to practise the issues. After  my time with you Ally I only hope I did honour the Goddess in some small way and you received something special also. Tantra is addictive and you learn intercoarse becomes very minimal to the spiritual and peace one gains from this practice. Thank you so much. V

I feel like I’m in a better state after seeing you on Saturday, it was wondrous, can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for ‘gift’ last Monday evening. What I feel or felt is difficult to express, but to give it go: I felt enjoyment, a sense of release of muscle tension, of tenderness. D

I would sincerely like to thank you for the ultimate feeling I experienced yesterday! You were and are awesome. Thanks till next time K xxx

Alli    Thank you for our last meeting  (session 3)
You are one of the most caring –patient –personal—and understanding   woman to be with. I can not believe the professional and personal manner of your approach to the tantric experience (I do now!)
I would have never thought someone could have been so dedicated to teach me the things that give a woman inner Pleasure in such an intimate way. This is realy what the Tantra  Technique is all about  (not intercourse) but the intimacy and pleasure for two people. Alli until I see you again Thank You. V Adelaide

Good evening Ally. I would just like to say thank you. I have found you one of the most caring & understanding persons for a long time. After my 1st visit you were someone I immediately felt I could openly communicate with. After my 2nd appointment as U know I knew I could tell U my story & journey. U took the time to listen and help me. As far as the Tantra U were unbelievable.
Ally I found the Tantra technique simply awesome and no doubt the spiritual and sensual desire far out weighing the need solely for intercourse. If U want to use this Ally do so edit it or whatever just sign K.

Testimonials 2012

I came to see you in desperation yet in one visit you successfully convinced me that there was nothing wrong with me. You have marvellous hands! Thank you for your ministrations! D Brisbane

Hi Ally. I just wanted to tell you that last weeks visit was such a wonderful, joyous, sensual and loving experience for me that I am still buzzing about it (7 days later!). Like being an adolescent! Pity its such a long wait to see you again. Hope you have had a happy week in Brissie. Love P

Thanks so much Ally, that was amazing. First time in a long time Ive felt so good. Plus Ive learnt something along the way. Keep up the great work. B Tasmania

I feel reborn with wisdom. I feel light and full of bubbles – like Aero chocolate! C Tasmania

One doesn’t enjoy life by living small.

Seeing into each other souls is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. K Tasmania

My orgasm after ejaculation was on waves of pleasure. Total Body Orgasm. Ecstatically timeless! B

Hi Ally. hope you are well. I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for Tuesday night. I’m still feeling on top of the world and am still smiling from ear to ear. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and again thank you for making me feel great again. George

Just to let you know I had the best session (massage, touch, sex) with my wife yesterday morning through to afternoon. Look forward to learn more. D Adelaide

I’ve been trying out the techniques I learned from you. My partner exploded in a massive orgasm from G spot! L Adelaide

Testimonials 2011

Its like a million shooting stars! G Adelaide

this is the BEST experience I have ever had. I am serious! E Adelaide

To dear Ally
I have just finished my tender and I am relaxing with a red wine. I am thinking of my time with you today. than you for being so warm kind and sexy. I still have a tingling erotic glow. I will be back. A Adelaide

Tingles out my fingers and toes! Body Euphoria! J Adelaide

Thank you. i really enjoyed myself today. I will book again next time you are in Brisbane. A

I just went around the moon 3 times!! J Brisbane

That was Brilliant! Thanks. F Adelaide

I am over the moon! Adelaide

People, You need to visit this lady as she is truly amazing at what she
does!! be prepared for lift off!!! Aussiej August 2011

That was unreal, surreal! L, Adelaide

Just wanted to thank you so much! You really have a very amazing gift. The moment we met it was all smiles. This massage is very special and relaxing. All I can think about the pleasure and of relaxation. I’m already feeling sleepy due to the massage you gave me. The music was great too. Again it is a great tool to forget about life, thanks, See you soon. J Perth

Hi Ally, we tried some of your tips for a sensual massage. The use of feathers was great but my partner advised to stop asking if what I was doing was enjoyable – we still had a great night! I finally found the correct way to find the G spot. Just wanted to say thanks and look forward to learning more. N Perth

I want to thank you for the amazing massage sessions you spoilt me with while in Adelaide last week.
As well as being wonderfully sensuous, they awakened in me something I couldn’t have imagined – the streaming energy coursing through my body as I reached an orgasmic crescendo. Since this profound personal experience I now know there’s much more to life than than the obvious and ‘ordinary’, if you know what I mean.
You’ll be glad to hear I’ve been practicing the breathing technique you showed me, as well as the chakra colour visualisations – I actually enjoy ‘playing around’ with these techniques and feel more energised through the deeper breathing in particular.
Finally, your friendliness, warmth, sincerity and good humour made our time together very special. You have opened my heart to a new world – thanks so much, and I look forward to more appointments with you when you next get back here. Cheers – H


This is a great way to stay young, isn’t it?!

Just a quick “Thank You” for the pleasuring and the powerful experience. you were warm, caring and fun. Looking forward to your return. Meantime I will keep breathing and pc-ing. Blessings. H

Awesome! it feels like I am wrapped in a warm blanket in winter! G

You are just magic! in all my 75 years I have never been pleasured as much by a woman’s body and breasts… You are truly remarkable! P

I feel relaxed and recharged! N

After my session 3 days ago, i feel more empowered and confident. I have done lots of things in the last 2 days! Thank you very much. P

I just wanted to say that meeting you this morning was a delight. Thank you very much. B

2010 recommendations, testimonials and feedback

Recommendation: “I experienced Ally’s Tantra Massage and found myself more in touch with my spiritual and physical self than ever before. Ally was a wonderful guide and support, I can highly recommend Ally as a person and professional, and what Tantra Massage taught me has certainly left me a person with more understanding of how to give, and importantly receive. CH
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

It’s taken me this long to know how to respond to our session on Friday.
If it was possible for me to be metaphysacally (wrong spelling I know) transported home rather than drive I would have taken it! The experience is still with me! [3 days later]
The intense moments of our time together were special. I hope we have the opportunity for more of them in the future.
Please let me know when you are next in Melbourne. J

Highly recommended! C Melbourne

Blew my socks off! M Melbourne

You are an amazing woman Ally. M Melbourne

I don’t want this to end! W, Perth

You have magic hands G, Perth

You are a very sexy woman. I don’t want this to end! L, Perth

  • I just had a whole body orgasm! its like a jolt to the whole body!
  • Yes. You are raising your energy… (session in Perth)

Q Why aren’t there a queue of people to see you? A. There are!

Don’t look at me with those sexy eyes! It makes me feel like a million dollars!

I came away a lot wiser and happier. I will be back! F, Brisbane

I think I saw stars! W, Brisbane

It made me feel like I was stoned! S, Brisbane

I think its released a pinched nerve in my back! S, Brisbane

I felt that one in my toes! D, Brisbane

Q Did you touch the stars? A No, I’m grabbing them on the way down!

Exquisite! C, Brisbane

The breathing cleared by head! D, Brisbane

I usually come in 2 minutes, and today I controlled it for nearly an hour!

Does everyone fall in love with you? D, Brisbane

I haven’t come like that for 20 years! P, Brisbane

Thank you so much for your help, basically what I realised in the session with you was enormous, you opened my mind and finally I saw that I am the only one that can change my love life or life! Thank you so much you are a wonderful person:)      W, Perth

I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the door and was greeted by the lovely Ally but her friendly smile and comforting conversation soon put me at ease. To try and describe the session would be to paint a picture of extended bliss that’s erotic, edgy and euphoric. After a short time I was consumed by pure pleasure although at times controlling myself became a constant battle of pleasure and delightful pain. I totally lost myself in bliss with her and finally finished totally satisfied and trembling for at least an hour later. I would highly recommend a trip to the limits of ecstasy with Ally!    K

Wow what a fantastic hour that I spent with you yesterday.
Many thanks for teaching me how to control my PC muscle , I will try as best I can to keep up doing my exercises as I can see the benifits after going through this with you.
I am so glad that we connected together for that to have happened as this was something I hadnt expected.
I hope we can catch up again as I throughly enjoyed everything that you did to me in every sense, you are a very sexy woman.
Please let me know when you are going to be back in Perth as I would be keen to catch up again for another session with you.    W, Perth

Ally, Thanks for an excellent and informative session.
I am still practicing my breathing and squeezing and expect to put practice into action this comming week.
Please let me know, by email, when you will be in my city next.
Thanks again & until next time.   J

Thank you so much for the introduction to Tantra this evening!! I had an amazing time and cannot stop thinking about it!! You truly are a goddess!!  R

I had a whole body experience to fingers and toes. It really was an extra dimension. See you again soon      S

You lose your consciousness and go into the whole and you become pure energy…    P

I was so relaxed the day after, I sold more products than I ever had before!    J Melbourne

Testimonial – Advanced Tantra Session

“Ally is a very warm and sensuous woman, who shows great insight and care for her clients…
She is an excellent teacher who gives great hands-on teaching in every meaning of that expression
Although I thought I knew a fair bit she taught me so much about myself and how to connect with women, all the while providing exquisite pleasure .
I have received quite a bit of Tantric massage and related techniques. Ally provides the best Tantric experience I have ever had combining excellent Tantric massage technique with a warm and passionate GFE.
She guided me to fully integrate my Tantric breathing with PC muscle control, building me up in wave after wave of mounting pleasure to an explosive full- body orgasm that just had to be experienced to be believed or understood.
Ally is a truly lovely person whose pleasing ways caused me to ask for more time after an already delightful 2 hours” TM

Thank you for this beautiful experience. You are also a very sensual and beautiful woman. I hope you can teach me how to please you. It will be an honour to learn from you. Thank you again and hope to see you soon. P

Your video which provided me with additional confidence that I have chosen the right person to help me relax & learn. TT

2009 testimonials

My knees are still trembling after that most sensual erotic tantric massage i have ever had. Absolute mind blowing….look forward to the next session Thanks  A, Brisbane

I recommend Ally to make you feel wonderful. I came in as a 60 year old and left as a 17 year old!  B, Brisbane

Just a brief note to thank you for a most enjoyable interlude on Tuesday afternoon. I can’t honestly remember being so relaxed, (well, most of me anyway!) for quite a while.
Now I know what to expect next time. LOL    M, Brisbane

I just wanted to say what an amazing experience the massage was. Words cannot describe it. I still can’t believe the tingling sensation I got in my fingers and toes. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it   H

Hi Ally, Many thanks for such a wonderful session today, Way above my expectation, I really appreciate your effort to please, Look forward to seeing you again in the very near future. Kind Regards J.

“Hi Allie, thank you so much for a FABULOUS time! Take are until we meet the next time! Keep smiling! ☺ JA

Hi Ally i’ve had another tantric massage in brisbane … no where near as sensual as yours didn’t make me helpless with pleasure and she didn’t have half the skills that you had.. yours was that outstanding… JC

“It was the most sensual and erotic experience I have ever had. I will be back.” PB

Hi Ally
Just I would like to thank you for that session. It was unimaginable time and experience and i hope you had the same experience.
Thanks a lot and look forward to seeing you soon. NR, Brisbane

“You enable me to maintain the pleasure of sexual experience after climax has passed in a relaxed happy state, left me feeling cared for, nurtured and very connected to another human being.” HP

Hi Allie, thank you for the FANTASTIC session today. Would appreciate if you could let me know whether it would be possible for you to make it tomorrow at 8am for breakfast, a swim and a session. If not just a session a bit later. Best regards

Hi Allie, thank you so much for a FABULOUS time! Take are until we meet the next time! Keep smiling! J)

Due to a drop in the chemical levels in the brain associated with orgasm, what happens to a man after orgasm is that he feels let down. The organsm in the genitals normally goes away very quickly after ejaculation. What ally did stopped that and stayed in the whole body for several minutes – and I experienced a full body orgasm.
What you teach is a way to maintain the pleasurable balance of brain chemistry that moves back to a normal state in a very natural and long lasting way.
“You enable me to maintain the pleasure of sexual experience after climax has passed in a relaxed happy state, left me feeling cared for, nurtured and very connected to another human being.” PH, Brisbane
Tantra Pleasure Experience – A whole body experience that keeps on keeping on…

Feedback from massages given in 2008

Luv, luv, luv your tantric touch & I have been flipping my cock around all day with my pc muscles – I am still in orgasm mode! X Jonny Angel Brisbane

“Thank you Alli for sharing your sacred space and heartfelt wisdom combined with sensual touch manifesting in exquisite sensations throughout my whole being. Your loving acknowledgements and assurances are still building strength within me and I am truly blessed for having experienced your healing heart. Total Bliss T” Brisbane

Hi Ally. Once again thank you for your assistance and your trust in me. Regards N Brisbane

Ally Tantra Massage
Ally Tantra Massage and healing