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Sacred Feminine Playshops

Sacred Feminine Adelaide with Ally

Explore your Sacred Feminine energy in two Sensuality Love and Intimacy Womens Tantra Playshops in Adelaide in 2017. Sacred Feminine sessions are to educate and empower women about sacred sexuality, and help heal shame, guilt and fear with sensuality and love.

  • Do you want to tune into your Sacred Feminine Energy?
  • Empower your spiritual energy? Open your heart to love and radiance
  • To learn more about spiritual sacred energy and how to enhance it more?
  • Use Tantric breathwork for grounding, moving your energy, unblock your chakras to heal and energize
  • Connect with your spiritual guides and angels
  • Reconnect magic, passion, feel deep love and powerful female energy
  • Use meditation, dance, movement and Tantric techniques to tune into your unique divine energy

These Sacred Feminine Playshops have been held in Rockhampton, Brisbane, Hobart, and recently about 60 women attended one at the Nyari Niara (Good Spirits) Festival on Bruny Island.

Using exercises from her book, ‘What Men and Women Really Want – 6 Tantric Love Secrets”, Ally includes meditation, dance, movement and fun easy spiritual exercises and techniques to give you a taste of Tantra, to tune into your Sacred Feminine energy and use them in your life to love yourself more.

  • Wednesday 11 October 2017 from 7pm-9pm – #1 – Sacred Feminine Evening – What do Women Really Want? This informative and experiential includes a healthy light supper, meditation, dance, movement and fun easy spiritual exercises and techniques
    Venue TBA Unley
    Women only. Bring a friend. $30 each. Book HERE or Contact Ally to secure your place
  • Wednesday 25 October 2017 from 7-10pm – #2 Sacred Feminine Evening – Spiritual Energy movement. Expand your feminine Tantric experience. Learn how to have an orgasm without touching yourself.
    Venue TBA Unley
    For the brave and sensual woman. Maximum 10 ladies. Wear comfy trousers. $30 each. Book HERE.
  • Book for both Evenings for $50 if paid in advance (eftpos, PayPal or DD, VISA and MasterCard add 3% fees)

Sacred Feminine Womens Tantra Playshops have also been held in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Hobart. And can be available wherever you can gather a minimum of 6 ladies – then you have yours free! Contact Ally to arrange date now

Explore Your Inner Goddess Playshops for Women

A delightful day of exploration and adventure into your feminine energy and power.
Uplifting nurturing and connecting with like-minded women to empower each other.
Tune in to your inner Goddess, Empower your Sensuality and Connect with your Spiritual Beingness.
Experience a Spiritual Energy Orgasm.

Dates  TBA
Time   9.30am to 4pm
Place  Adelaide
Cost   $170 each, or $150 if you bring a friend (includes lunch) Deposit $20, payable in full 7 days before Playshop

  • Enhance your feminine essence
  • Heal your limiting beliefs about men and relationships
  • Balance and harmonise your spiritual sexual energy
  • Tune into your sexual power
  • Introduction to Tantra and sacred sexuality
  • Learn about female anatomy and your pleasure spots
  • How to have a Spiritual Energy Orgasm

TESTIMONIAL from June Playshop:

I thoroughly enjoyed the Explore Your Inner Goddess Playshop, and found it to be of enormous benefit on my healing journey. Ally is a wonderful host/teacher who makes everyone feel very comfortable. Lots of fun, laughter and learning. Thank you so much Ally. I shall always be grateful I found you! xx  JT 

Please email or phone Ally to enquire about dates or more details for this Event.
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ESSENCE – Woman’s Tantra sessions = Empowering Sacred Spiritual Energy aNd Creating Essence

• Do you want to rediscover your feminine essence?
• Have you lost touch with your sensuality and sexuality?
• Want to feel safe to be vulnerable and open your heart
• Yearn to open to love and radiance?
• Discover how to connect with powerful Goddess energy
• Have an Erotic Awakening or reawakening
• Retune your self and your Femininity
• Create intimacy, heart connection and unconditional love
• Reconnect magic, passion, feel deep love and your powerful female energy
• create a Sacred Energy Orgasm?

ESSENCE Program is 3 or 4 x 90 minute sessions (one-to-one) over 3-4 weeks with Ally:

* to release past hurts, fears, and limitations;
* to re-energise, reconnect and empower your femininity and sexual energy
and turn on the switch again
on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual;
* to get in touch with that sensuality of being a woman;
* safely explore your feminine erotic Goddess energy and love yourself and your body with more positive feelings and pleasure.

I offer two multi- session programs for women which is one-to-one, a combination of personal coaching, tantra massage, tantra breathing, Reiki healing and exercises which can help you.

You can choose from the following 90 minute sessions for your Womens Tantra Program:
3 sessions for $500 
or 4 sessions for $600.

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