Tantra Massage Training – for Women for business or personal useAlly tantra training

  • Do you have experience in massage, bodywork, coaching, meditation, yoga or sexuality and want to add Tantra Massage to your existing practise?
  • Are you ready to invest some time and money to do some training and coaching with me, that will be returned to you after only 14 sessions to create or increase your income if you are already a practitioner?
  • Are you passionate about sacred sexuality and want to learn a way to share more love and sacred energy exchange with the world on a one to one basis?
  • Do you see this as your calling to help educate people, especially men, about tantra and sexuality?
  • Do you want to learn more about tantra for your own knowledge and sharing with your partner and friends?

Contact me for an Application Form for more details about how to give my Tantra Pleasure Experience. It’s like a tantra massage, but is less a massage and more a full body pleasuring. Sacred sexuality and powerful sexual healing is also possible. You need to be comfortable with nudity, sexuality and have the trust respect and compassion to share this valuable gift with Men, Women and Couples. There are a few other pre-requisites.

I am especially wanting to train women in Canberra, Darwin, Cairns, Tasmania, however it is not limited to those places. I am asking women rather than men, cos although many men would love to do this, there isn’t as much demand from women for Tantra Massage, as their pampering money is spent on beauty… However I am happy to teach MEN who want to learn more about tantra and how to pleasure women more…

I have been successfully doing this around Australia since 2009, and have developed a system that I can teach you, and with a bit of coaching and your passion for serving and educating people, you can earn good money doing something similar to what I do with your unique skills and gifts.

Tantra Training Academy

Training Modules presently available for business and professional use for Women or Men:

* Tantra Massage for Personal Use: for Women, For Men – Ruby Modules

* Tantra Teacher Training Program – Emerald Modules

* Advanced Practitioner Training Program  for full business training (Diamond – all modules).

For detailed information about these training modules, see Tantra Training Academy

Tantra Training Academy www.tantratrainingacademy.com.au

 Tantra Pleasure Experience Training for Women

How to give the Tantra Pleasure Experience to Men. It includes how to teach men to control their orgasm and ejaculation (2 separate things!)
 Each Module is approximately 10 hours and can be done over 2 or 3 days, depending on your availability. The training is one-one, and customised to your personal situation.
You will also receive a Tantra Massage/Initiation and other benefits as part of your Training.

Apply here or fill out the application FORM


Ally has helped me find a way that fills my spiritual, social and financial goals and is sheer pleasure to do.

After I paid for my training I have never given the money a second thought. I am happy that I have received more than I paid for, and that I will continue to receive through my business and my continuing connection with Ally, more than I could ever have conceived.

Much to my great joy, I now have a successful business, a great lifestyle and wonderful new friendships.

Jill, Perth

“The first step in my training was to receive a session from Ally. It was so good, when I opened my eyes my question was: “Can I book a 5 year long session?”  A 2014

It was a weekend I will remember forever. I love you so much, than you my guru for showing me how to see who I am. – D  July 2012

Thanks gorgeous people and OMG…..I received a tantra massage today as part of my learning (tough job I know) but what an experience, very hard to explain the feelings but feels surreal, the energy transfer was amazing and having your body buzz from it for an hour or so is amazing and feel more relaxed than from a normal massage. I guess it would be different for everyone but now back tomorrow to learn learn how to give it and share that with others. “Two weeks ago my life changed forever, I’m now consciously aware of my energy, beautiful healing energy that runs through me. I seem to be now more sensitive to people who add to that energy and those that drain it from me, and the power that is within, wow what a journey life is!” PC June 2012