Ka Huna massage is an experience beyond words, a celebration of our humanity, the massage of life. It is a very flowing, fluid and rhythmical massage.

Flowing strokes using forearms, elbows as well as both hands, combining body draining, soft and deep tissue massage, under body massage and energy balancing – a very dynamic and transformational bodywork.

“Lomi Lomi” is Hawaiian for massage – enables recipient to relax, give in and simply BE. Long flowing strokes using both and as an instrument of the heart while focusing on the body’s natural flow and rhythm. Combining deeply relaxing techniques with energy balancing. A beautiful and sensual form of massage that re-weaves areas of the body that were once disconnected.

Enter into a space of one-ness, breathing together – feeling the flow of energy, emotional reintegrating gently and lovingly.
Open up your innermost selves to expression.
Intimate relationship with your body – reconnect with your body in a deeper and more intimate way.
Being loved and nurtured like a child, release old physical and emotional patterns, opening up a space for new healthier patterns to take root and grow.
Balancing male/female energies.


Benefits:Ka Huna flow

  • Relaxes your entire being
  • Enhances energy flow – releasing blocked energy in the body
  • Give the energy new direction and set new patterns
  • Mental clarity and physical release
  • Powerful healing
  • New level of harmony of male and female energies
  • Facilitates healing on many levels
  •  Empower yourself by developing and increasing our MANA/life force energy (chi in Tai Chi or Ki in Aikido)
  • Clarity of mind, confidence, self awareness and self acceptance
  • Profound physiological effects – giving and receiving, creating a cycle of universal energy flow that nourishes both therapist and client
  • Giving the massage is a dance – moves flowing and rhythmical, hands instrument of our heart and touch arises from centre of our being, focused,
  • Firm yet soft sensual strokes – can be remedial for neck, shoulders, back and legs
  • Relaxing and energising
  • Feeling of peace and sense of joy to the soul
  • A beautiful way of accessing our individual creative expression and inspiring personal growth.

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Men’s One hour Ka Huna massage – 1 hour $110


Erotic Ka Huna massage – 1 hour $150  for men

includes all the benefits of Ka Huna Massage, PLUS gential stimulation, and Reiki healing for your relaxation, joy and bliss…

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