Couple Tantra sessions with Ally
Your Sex, Love and Intimacy Tantra Practitioner and Coach

  • Do you feel that you are not seen in your relationship? Not heard? Not loved?
  • Are you satisfied with your sex life? Not getting enough sex? Not getting enough love?
  • Are you unhappy with your life and feel that there is something more…?
  • Want to learn how to pleasure your partner more?

In Adelaide?

or Melbourne? Brisbane? Perth? Canberra? Newcastle? Hobart? Darwin? or other cities and towns in Australia or New Zealand? BOOK Couples sessions HERE or phone 0419 038 310.

Couple Tantra Sessions

Come and have a sensual tantra massage to spoil your Self or your partner. Pamper your partner and yourself.

  • Learn tips tricks and strokes to pleasure your partner more.
  • Learn how to control yourself so you can last longer…
  • Learn how to relax so that you can feel safe to be vulnerable…
  • Find out how sex and spirituality combine to produce many blissful experiences
  • Learn about how to become multi-orgasmic – men and women

Single? Learn tantra techniques to become more confident and find your ideal lover. 1 hour session or 2 hour sessions available.

  • Do you feel he just wants sex and she wants love hugs and cuddles?
  • Do you think she just wants to cuddle and doesn’t want to make love with you any more?
  • Is she too busy with the kids and too tired to make love?
  • Is she going through menopause and does not want sex any more, and you want it just as much as ever?

Ally can give you both sex love and intimacy coaching and counselling in safe supportive confidential environment.

Couples one hour session (1/2 hour each) is $290 and 2 hour session (1 hour each)(best) is $390.

  • For Couples Tantra Massage in other cities by arrangement, check Ally’s Schedule HEREembracing couple tantra

1. Couple Tantra session to spice up your relationship (1 hour)

2 hands with Ally – 1 Hour – Adelaide $290. Perth Darwin Melbourne Brisbane $300

You each get ½ hour of pleasuring and tantric techniques while the other watches…

  • How to make love to a woman so she wants to make love with you more often
  • How to pleasure a man so he lasts longer
  • How to make him or her beg for more…
  • Sex secrets for men
  • Sex magic for women

2. Couple Tantra session to spice up your relationship (2 hours)

2 hands with Ally – 2 Hours – Adelaide $390. Perth Darwin Melbourne Brisbane Canberra & other places $400

You EACH get 1 hour of pleasuring and tantric techniques while the other watches…

  • How to make love to a woman so she wants to make love with you more often
  • How to pleasure a man so he lasts longer
  • He learns how to control his orgasm
  • She learns how to move her energy around her body
  • How to make him or her beg for more…
  • Sex secrets for men
  • Sex magic for women

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3. COUPLE Coaching and Counselling – 1 hour or 2 hours POA

  1. Are you having challenges in your relationship?
  2. Have an imbalance in your sexual needs?
  3. Want recognition in the bedroom? Not sure how to ask for what you want sexually?
  4. Do you not feel satisfied after you have made love?

I listen to you and can advise you on sexual issues eg abuse, imbalance of sex drive, how to energise your relationship, rekindling the flame of passion and help you create more pleasure and happiness in your life.

I am open-minded plus a qualified Sex Love and Intimacy Consultant. I can coach you to improve your relationship, especially in the bedroom (or wherever you do it!)

4. Four hands Shiva-Shakti massage (Sydney Melbourne Brisbane only) (sometimes in Adelaide and Canberra)

I will be massaging the lucky man and my male tantrika will be massaging the lovely woman at the same time. We will be teaching you the ABCs of Tantra – about Anatomy, Tantra Breathing, and Connection. Also we will teach you some easy ways to create more intimacy, last longer, feel sexier and some strokes to pleasure each other in different ways…

  • 4 hands x 1 hour session is $450 (simultaneous massage)
  • 4 hands x 90 minute session (simultaneous massage and or 4 hands) is $550.
  • 4 hands x 2 hour session (simultaneous massage and or 4 hands) is $650.

5. Couple Tantra Program for Tantric Sexual Energy Connection

This program consists of 3 or 4 x 2-hour sessions with Ally (the first may be a little longer). Each includes a tantra massage for one or both partners

Sessions include:

  • 3 keys to Tantra
  • Rituals of Space, Energy and Connection
  • Strokes and  pleasuring
  • Booklet for notes and home-play


  1. 3 sessions = $1140 however if you pay in full in advance, the cost is $1050 and you receive 1 Bliss Ball colour of your choice and a copy of my ebook “What Women Really Want”.
  2. 4 sessions = $1520 however if you pay in full in advance, the cost is $1400 and you receive 2 Bliss Balls colour of your choice and a copy of my print book “What Men and Women Really Want”.

Enquiries HERE or BOOK HERE

Tantra Practice Playshops

Monthly in Adelaide. For couples to learn and practice their Tantra exercises with other like-minded people. Dates for 2017 – Saturday 13 May, 24 June
More information HERE.

TESTIMONIALS from Happy Couples

On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to say thank you for the wonderful experience today. (Couples session)
“We would like to just let you know how much we appreciate the Tantric Massage session we experienced with you. You made us both feel very comfortable. The way that we were  included to participate in each other’s massage made it even more pleasurable.Thanks again!” K&J
“Thanks Ally. We both learnt a lot and had fun. You’re very good at making people feel comfortable in a setting/situation I have never been in before. We have already started practicing. All the best.” S&H

She says: “I just wanted to thank you for yesterday afternoon.  I found my massage a very pleasurable experience but most of all I really enjoyed what you taught me on how to pleasure J that experience was very exciting and interesting and I know I am really going to enjoy using your tantric pleasure techniques on him. ” A Adelaide

He says: “I just wanted to thank you for the tantric massage you performed on us yesterday afternoon.  I found your massage of A most educational and beneficial in improving my massaging techniques in pleasuring A in particular. As for your massage of me – it provided a very practical and personalised experience of how to apply tantric techniques. I have become extremely aware of stop light for some reason best known to yourself and find myself exercising to the beat of the music in the car.
Thank you for the tantric lesson and the happy outcome which I hoped would not come; same the sensation I experienced before ejaculation was a feeling I wanted to have continue for as long as possible and I now understand was the original aim of the whole massage. This is a feeling I will continue to pursue.” J Adelaide 

What can we say: WOW, an amasing journey that took us both to a plain of estacy previously unimagined. So looking forward to next time, Slinlindy Brisbane 2008

Four new hands exploring my body while being watched by my husband, and his two familiar hands, which have been the only hands to explore my body for nearly 30 years. Exhilarating; somewhat frightening; yet amazingly erotic. Caressed by angels is the only way I can describe this experience. Until next time………….. Loli Brisbane 2008

What a great time we had with these guys. Just wish we could have stayed longer. Very sensual and a fantastic couple. Catch you next time we are in Brisbane. mellow couple from SA in Brisbane 2008

UPDATE: UPDATE: UPDATE: We have recently visited Ally and her partner for one of there erotic massages & had a great time (no sex) very nice genuine people offering a great relaxing service, thanks guys, we will be back. Brisbane 2008

Hi , really enjoyed our time last night …wow great massage , certainly left wanting more !! xx A n C Brisbane 2008

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